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New York based Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

June 17, 2021

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NewCo Capital Group is a New York based Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) and commercial financing provider to Small-Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) nationwide. Formed by a group of experienced executives with extensive knowledge in Business Development, Risk and Underwriting, the company has become a preferred destination for business and the Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) that drive the Alternative Financing industry.

NewCo Capital Group began funding operations during May of 2020, just as the global pandemic forced many of its larger competitors to pause or cease operations entirely.
Many of its counterparts were unable to adapt to the new economic environment, but NewCo Capital Group’s positioning enabled it to maintain lower attrition and lower default rates compared with the greater cash advance market. This in turn provided the company with an advantageous position: to provide MCA bridge-capital to SMBs across the US with little to no competition.

As a premier FinTech funding platform, NewCo Capital Group uses proprietary risk algorithms and kinetic underwriting guidelines that factor for the effects of the shutdowns and adjust for B2B trends. NewCo Capital Group is uniquely positioned to continue to successfully navigate the post pandemic Alternative Financing landscape while alleviating the pressure on SMBs that leverage their receivables for Working Capital.

The team utilizes a novel approach to driving business: by operating as a broker-driven Funder, the company has a greater appeal to a broader range of ISOs and brokers. These third-party aggregators prefer to work with NewCo Capital Group as opposed to other funders who have in-house sales teams that directly compete with the submitting broker.

Additionally, the company’s focus on delivering a superior product within an extraordinarily short turnaround time (less than three hours) has made it popular within the industry. ISOs and brokers that work with the company know that they will receive highly competitive offers that are beneficial to the Merchant’s business. Once submitted to Underwriting, the team seamlessly brings the Merchant to funding, thereby freeing the ISO / Broker to pursue other leads.

Now, successfully managing a funding portfolio in excess of $250 million dollars, the company has effectively positioned itself as the go-to destination for all of the experienced ISO Partners and third-party brokers that operate within the Merchant Cash Advance and the Alternative Funding & Financing industry as it exists today.

Written by bruce

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